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We are a diverse squad of writers, creators, experts, and leaders who are experienced in creating/posting viral content for a myriad of brands and platforms.

  • Ariel Editor
  • Ben Support
  • Cat Account Manager
  • David Editor
  • Debbie Sound Mixer
  • Jesse Editor
  • Marissa Creative
  • Melissa Account Manager
  • Michael Sound Mixer
  • Mieko Writer
  • Ryan Editor
  • Tyler Director of Ops
  • Mark Freelance Editor
  • April Freelance Writer
  • Margaret Freelance Writer
  • Mary Kate Writer
  • Eve Freelance Editor
  • Brian Freelance Editor
  • Nick Editor
  • Quian Freelance Editor
  • Alyssa Editor
  • Brian Editor
Leadership Leadership

Big Machine Leadership


Founder & CEO

Justin has been creating popular content online since 1999. He had his first viral hit in 2000, with a CounterStrike video that he recorded on a custom-rigged tape deck. In 2007, he joined online video pioneer Next New Networks as their first creative hire, helming the packaging and promotional strategy of over 100 branded channels. After Google acquired Next New Networks in 2011, Justin travelled the globe to spotlight and train talent through their $1m YouTube Next Up program. Branching out on his own, Justin founded Big Machine Productions in 2012, serving as a soup-to-nuts production agency for brands such as Wired, Lego, Fiat, Lululemon, Cheerios, and Netflix.

Anthony Deptula


Anthony is the co-creator behind Maker Studios’ Minecraft Series Wonder Quest, which has more than 171 M views, and he developed the first original digital content for Disney’s Pixar while managing emerging content for Disney brands on social platforms. As Head of Content for GoldieBlox—a children’s media startup focused on STEAM — Anthony lead a team who made 100+ videos for brands like Nike, YouTube, Sony Pictures Classics, Laika Studios, and Breyer Horses.

Brighid Donnelly


Brighid’s superpower is developing and optimizing data-based content strategies that pair creativity with channel best practices. Prior to joining bmp, she ran YouTube strategy for React/FBE, overseeing a channel with 20+ million subscribers. An all-around pop culture fan, Brighid’s favorite forms of entertainment include alt comedy, classic screwball romcoms, and scoping out the best spots to find vintage fashion.