Big Machine Productions

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We’re everywhere.
But not in a creepy
stalker way.

Our full service in-house production team have the skills, experience, and efficiency to rival any agency, our creative team is composed of some of the most versatile and accomplished digital writers and creators. We make beautifully crafted, carefully calculated videos that organically suit the brand, the platform, and the audience.

Boasting an international team, Big Machine Productions is producing content 24 hours a day. Your footage may start the day in London, where an AE preps it for the Editor in LA, who then sends it off to the sound mixer in Bali, who has a fresh export waiting for you when you wake up.

A Machine With Heart A Machine With Heart

Why You Should Hire Big Machine Productions

We do everything, from strategic creative ideation to performance analysis. Big Machine Productions is equipped for each and every stage of the digital content creation process.

One Stop Shop

Creative ideation, production & post-production, navigation of the digital space.

Supporting Social Good

We are committed to positive change, which is why we donate a portion of our profits to charitable organizations.

Creative Powerhouse

Writers, creators, experts, and leaders experienced in creating/posting viral content for a myriad of brands and platforms.

Sustainable Employer

We ensure our workforce works sensible hours, and are given a robust amount of vacation time to empower themselves as human brings.

Fast & Efficient

High-level processes and a scalable workforce keep productivity high and workflows smooth.

Net Zero

We are mindful of our carbon footprint and off-set all carbon-creating activities with carbon credits.

Global Team

Our network stretches the globe, meaning we’re able to get your work done wherever you are.


A diverse workforce makes better content, and we pride ourselves on the makeup of our team.